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Formula Boats

Formula Boats

Victor B Porter has been proudly producing the Formula boats for almost three decades now through its company Thunderbird. As per the tradition that he has so painstakingly build over the years, each of these Formula powerboats that roll out with the Thunderbird insignia on it, is a masterpiece in its own right. When you buy a Thunderbird Formula boat, rest assured you are buying the best there is. 
Formula Boats

Thunderbird Formula boats maintains today, as it always had, the highest quality standards and the latest technology available to make these boats unmatched to anything available in their category.

The advantages that you get when you use these Formula boats are:

1. Highly specialized production – the Thunderbird Formula boats have been manufactured for decade in specifically designed production units meant only for Formula boats. 

2. Excellent adaptation of technology - Formula boats enjoy the latest available technology and as such are offering the highest performance at any given point of time.

3. Ultra-modern construction plant – your product is as good as the place where you manufacture it; hence, the plant where these boats are manufactured are equipped the latest equipment for the extra precision and superb end-product. The Thunderbird Formula boats offer an in-built reliability that you may not find in any boat of its level.

4. Formula boats come with five-year limited protection plan for long term guaranteed satisfaction – each of the Formula boats is covered by its original warranty, with the help of which you also get a five-year comprehensive coverage on its components (generator, transmissions, engine, etc). This is complemented by the supplemental protection plan for extended coverage.

5. Certification - The Thunderbird Formula Boats are certified by the National Marine Manufacture guarantees the highest standards of safety on water. You will find that these boats not only meet but also exceed the majority of the safety indicators as per the NMMA.

6. The best in design and performance – the Formula boats rolling out from our production units conform to the highest standards of quality, attractiveness and functionality. Each boat has employed cutting edge-technology making them unbeatable on the water. The technical expertise and the distinctive styling put these boats into a niche of their own. 

7. No1 choice for day boating – these boats make excellent choice for day boating owing to its exquisite style, design and adaptability. 

8. Excellent customer service – you are guaranteed life-long customer service aimed at your utmost satisfaction. These Formula boats are backed up by a three-decades long expertise and commitment to give you, our customer, the best (and more) you expect at any given time.

Whenever and wherever you will see a Thunderbird Formula boat, you will always be assured of the highest satisfaction in its functionality, design, style and safety. They do not come better than this!


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